Electronic Data Interchange Capabilities

Affton provides versatile and comprehensive EDI capabilities. Utilizing our in-house computer system we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to EDI requests, offering the most desirable solutions to meet our customer needs. We have been and will remain an industry leader in establishing effective EDI communications with our customers. In fact, we have established EDI communications with nearly every major customer. For those who prefer more traditional communications we remain able to provide these services as well.

Our preferred path to EDI is via a Value Added Network (VAN) provider. Our primary VAN is Kleinschmidt, Inc, located in Chicago, Illinois. Kleinschmidt, Inc does provide an interconnection for those utilizing other VANS.

The transactions listed below are currently sent (or received) by Affton:

  •     204 – Motor Carrier Shipment Information – Provides information on a specific load and may also be used to provide notification that a load is available when a response is required within certain time limitations (also known as EDI Load Tender)
  •     990 – Response to a Load Tender – Sent in response to a Load Tender, indicating acceptance or rejection of a load
  •     214 – Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message – Status changes in certain loads such as pick up or delivery appointments, arrival, departure, late arrival, etc. We require those who request shipment status information to provide the 204 transaction which insures the detail required is available for return.
  •     210 – Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice – Replaces paper invoices through electronic billing
  •     820 – Payment Order/Remittance Advice – Received from the customer informing Affton of Electronic Funds Transfer, providing notification and particulars regarding the transaction.
  •     997 – Functional Acknowledgment – Acknowledges receipt of, and acceptance or rejection

Additional transactions may be available for specific customer needs.

Contact Affton regarding any requirements not listed above.

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