Since Floyd Wright started with one truck in 1969, Affton has been committed to making a difference through our people and our business relationships. Today our company is still owned and operated by the Wright family. A few years might have passed since 1969 but one thing that has not changed is the desire to provide excellent service for our customers and a great working environment for our employees.

Phone: 314-388-9700|Email:|Location: 420 Gimblin, St. Louis, MO, 63147
Phone: 314-388-9700
Location: 420 Gimblin, St. Louis, MO, 63147
Bulk Trucking

Affton is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in the dry bulk industry. From 2 sleeper trucks, 2 pneumatic tanks and 18 railcar spots when we started, to our ever expanding assets of 25 sleeper trucks with blowers, 42 pneumatic tanks and over 225 railcar spots between our St. Louis, MO and Kansas City, KS terminals.

  • Customer service is the bulk divisions top priority
  • Our fleet of trucks are all late model MACK trucks
  • Our fleet of pneumatic tanks are late model J & L or Heil brands
  • We are able to top load, pull from pneumatic railcars or convert bagged material to bulk truck
  • Monthly railcar inventory provided from TRAMS system
  • Company drivers
  • 100% ELD compliant
  • EDI capable
  • Electronic PODs
Packaging /

As a value added service to our bulk plastic customers we have opened over 100k square feet of warehouse space.

  • Package into Gaylord boxes
  • Convert from Super Sack to bulk truck
  • Convert from Gaylord box to bulk truck
  • Convert from 55kg bags to bulk truck
  • Inbound and store Gaylord boxes
  • Outbound Gaylord boxes
  • Provide inventory reports from the TRAMS system
Intermodal Trucking

Since 1969, the heart of Affton has been our intermodal trucking operation. From a single truck, Affton Trucking has grown to a company owned fleet of over 55 late-model trucks.

  • On-Time performance our top priority
  • Customer Service hours 0600-1800 Mon-Fri
  • Dispatch hours 0600-1800 Mon-Fri
  • Tri-axles available for heavy 20’ moves
  • Haz Mat certified drivers
  • Company drivers
  • 100% ELD compliant
  • EDI capable
  • Electronic PODs

We are the home to some of the world’s largest steamship lines and chassis providers and provide a unique level of service unmatched in our industry – capacity to store 10,000 units.

  • 2 Taylor empty container handlers
  • 1 Omega load lift
  • 125-acre facility
  • Hand-helds at the gate for immediate inventory updates
  • EDI capable
  • Company staffed M&R mechanics with mobile units
  • Internal inspection and M&R audits
  • Guaranteed 30 min turn time in our yard
  • Strong Intermodal fleet to support Depot/CY activity

If you are looking to transfer one truck or multiple railcars of agricultural products into containers Affton is your solution in the St Louis market.

  • Truck or railcar to container
  • USDA inspectors onsite while loading
  • Container availability coordinated from our Depot/CY customers or from import intermodal shipment empties
  • 2 grain bins available to house whole grains
  • Hard car unloader
  • All-In rate offered covering transload/inspections and trucking
  • All Class 1 railroad access to our transload station

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